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Energy can turn into mass.

Mass can turn back into energy

Giving life to the whole Universe.

This is the ESSENCE of everything.


Create stars, planets and other celestial bodies. Define their orbits and their destiny.

Will you create a violent universe with black holes and quasars

or you plan to give life to a peaceful one rich of life?

It’s your choice.



Essence is a cosmic simulation game.

Stars, as any other celestial body, evolve in accordance with real astrophysics models. At the same time, Planets can change dynamically their properties (temperature, ocean level, presence of life, …) by interacting with each other celestial body.

Realistic physics and adaptive shaders play as a boost for usability and the visual experience.





  • Windows standalone application
  • Windows Store app (Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 desktop and mobile)
  • WebGL
  • Android mobile