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inserting code snippets in a word document

If you are a software developer and you’re writing something about a project, it may happen that you need to add some source code in a word document, but the usual questions are:

  • how to add code snippets in a word document?
  • what colors I should use? 
  • what font?
  • how to colorize comments, types and keywords?

I’m writing a document with many code snippets. Initially I have created a style named “code” in my word document, but when I’ve written a lot of code, I realized that it’s not enough. I could copy-and-paste code directly from my IDE, but it will be too much colorful to be printed…

So, looking for a solution, I’ve found an alternative that looks good: planetb

I think it could be a good solution for code snippets in document. Try it and let me wnok how do you think about