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How to remove Unnamed contacts from People Windows Phone

Here it’s explained how to remove Unnamed contacts from People Windows Phone

If you’re a Windows Phone user, it’s possible that after some time in your People app could appear a number of misterious contacts signed as (Unnamed).


What are they and – above all – how to remove them without having troubles?

What happened?

If you open an Unnamed contact, you’ll notice that it has only a link to a Skype contact, with no name associated. If you click on the skype link, the corresponding app will be opened, but unfortunately no extra information will be available about the “phantom contact”.

The People app of Windows Phone fetches info about the contacts from a number of sources: first of all, the contact listed in the Microsoft account (contacts from mail list), and from Facebook and Skype (if these options are anabled).

This means that periodically the People app asks to Skype app if there’s any contact update and, if any, it updates its contacts by synching with Skype. This operation could occasionally fail for some reasons.

An error in the synching process can lead to the creation of bad contacts in the People list: contacts that really exist, but the info are incomplete or wrong. The really frustrating problem is that it’s not possible to delete the wrong contacts from the People list, and moreover, it’s not a good idea, becouse we could accidentally delete an important contact from Skype ones too.


On the Internet many solutions are proposed, more or less tricky, that only in some cases work and solve the problem.

As the issue is caused by a synch error with the Skype app, the easyest thing to do is to operate on this one, through the following steps to solve the problem.

  1. Uninstall the Skype app (don’t worry , you’ll not lose neither any Skype contact nor any saved chat, becouse this data is stored on a remote server!)
  2. Restart your smartphone through a soft reset [how to] (just to be sure)
  3. After restart, delete the temporary files [how to] (just to be sure)
  4. Now any trace of Skype and its contacts has been deleted from your phone, and you’ll notice that the Skye contacts are not reported in the People contact list. VERY GOOD! 😀
  5. Reinstall Skype from the store and log in. Skype will take some seconds to download back all the contacts and chats.
  6. After some minutes (it could take at most an half hour) the People app will start synching with Skype contacts, that will magically come back.
  7. (optional) Be sure that People app is properly configured to show Skype contacts too.


remove Unnamed contacts from People Windows Phone