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Color Transition Package for Unity 3D

Color Transition Package for Unity 3D


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The Color Transition Package is a set of components that allows users to easily create many types of color animation effects. The components in this package are recommended both for artists and programmers, since they are fully configurable from Unity 3D editor and from code.

Color Transition component

The fundamental component of the package is Color Transition. It allows users to easily create and modify color animation effects on 3D object and UI elements (Unity 4.6 UI system is fully supported).
The Color Transition component is able to animate any material property for every shader (Unity Standard Shader is fully supported). By default, a number of common shader properties is available and selectable from editor and code, but it’s possible to handle any color property for custom shaders.
Here they are some features of the Color Transition component:

  • color targets: Color, Alpha, or Color and Alpha
  • color mixing: the animation will mix the animation colors with the original ones in different
  • modes: Replace, Multiply, Add, AddHDR, Subtract, And, Or, Xor, IfDarker, IfLighter
  • duration of animation
  • delayed animation
  • reverse mode
  • loops: no loop, repeat, ping pong
  • animate the children of a game object
  • unity events to manage complex behaviors when a color transition starts or ends. They can be set from editor and code
  • Many low-level parameters and methods accessible from code to obtain the maximum control level

Highlighter component

The Highlighter component exploits the Color Transition capabilities to create complex highlight and de-highlight effects.
This component also exposes a rich set of parameters for customization:
  • color targets
  • color mixing
  • highlight wrapping: reset, clamp, repeat, ping pong
  • two transition modes
The highlight effects are overlapped and mixed to the color transition ones, and the result is a smooth color transition.
This component too supports editable events.

Dissolve Sphere

Dissolve Sphere component allows user to easily create fullscreen fade effects. This is particularly helpful for effects to be played while changing levels of a game or for contextual fullscreen animations.

Compatibility with Unity 3D versions

All the package is fully compatible with Unity from version 5.0.0 or above.

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