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My personal projects about topics I like, such as 3D programming, virtual reality, and windows phone apps

For sure you have listened in these day about ESA spacecraft¬†¬†Rosetta, that after a 10-years travel has arrived next to¬†Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet where it has dropped the lander Philae that’s anchored to the surface. Weel, more over the famous Philae, there’s another instrument that I love in the payload of Rosetta:¬†VIRTIS¬†(on board¬†of¬†another ESA spacecraft too, Venus Express), the protagonist of my thesis work...

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If you are a software developer and you’re writing something about a project,¬†it may happen that you need to¬†add some source code in a word document, but the usual questions are: how to add code snippets in a word document? what colors I should use?¬† what font? how to colorize comments, types and keywords? I’m writing a document with many code snippets. Initially I have created a style named “code” in my word...

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