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My personal projects about topics I like, such as 3D programming, virtual reality, and windows phone apps

Color Transition Package for Unity 3D   The Color Transition Package is a set of components that allows users to easily create many types of color animation effects. The components in this package are recommended both for artists and programmers, since they are fully configurable from Unity 3D editor and from code. Color Transition component The fundamental component of the package is Color Transition. It allows users to easily...

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A 5 minutes stuff that becomes an unstoppable activity, and you cannot stop. The good side of the story is that I’m learning the basis about the Blender interface (probably one of the most tricky in software history ever), 3D rigging and skinning. t-rex rig 1 rig 2 skinning 1 skinning 2 Soon some videos (yet very promising)...

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