Francesca Wallpapers

Francesca wallpaper Fashion - 1280x1024
Francesca wallpaper Fashion - 1280x1024

Francesca Wallpapers

A set of wallpapers grouped bt themes with name Francesca.


Tremaci quando alcuna anima monda
sentesi, sì che surga o che si mova
per salir sù; e tal grido seconda.

De la mondizia sol voler fa prova,
che, tutto libero a mutar convento,
l’alma sorprende, e di voler le giova.

Prima vuol ben, ma non lascia il talento
che divina giustizia, contra voglia,
come fu al peccar, pone al tormento.

Io ritornai da la santissima onda
rifatto sì come piante novelle
rinnovellate di novella fronda,

puro e disposto a salire alle stelle.


Finally the Winter Solstice!

A day of the year I like. Although the cold winter begins, (I’m not exactly an ice&snow guy), starting from tomorrow, daytimes will be longer again!

A little step closer to summer and 8pm sun!


A new mobile wallpaper with Roger

Roger - Mobile wallpaper
Roger - Mobile wallpaper

A new mobile wallpaper with Roger, my trusty assistant.

Of course It’s compatible with any mobile operative system. In the gallery you can see how it looks like on my Windows Phone.

Enjoy it!

Dear Rosetta, you’re finally here!


For sure you have listened in these day about ESA spacecraft  Rosetta, that after a 10-years travel has arrived next to Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet where it has dropped the lander Philae that’s anchored to the surface.

Weel, more over the famous Philae, there’s another instrument that I love in the payload of Rosetta: VIRTIS (on board of another ESA spacecraft too, Venus Express), the protagonist of my thesis work for Bachelor’s Degree, where I’ve created a software for analysis and storage of data coming from this fundamental instrument.

I feel honored, and proud to have been a part of a such important mission.

Dear Rosetta, you’re finally here!


inserting code snippets in a word document

If you are a software developer and you’re writing something about a project, it may happen that you need to add some source code in a word document, but the usual questions are:

  • how to add code snippets in a word document?
  • what colors I should use? 
  • what font?
  • how to colorize comments, types and keywords?

I’m writing a document with many code snippets. Initially I have created a style named “code” in my word document, but when I’ve written a lot of code, I realized that it’s not enough. I could copy-and-paste code directly from my IDE, but it will be too much colorful to be printed…

So, looking for a solution, I’ve found an alternative that looks good: planetb

I think it could be a good solution for code snippets in document. Try it and let me wnok how do you think about